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Adrien Brody Biography

Winning the 2002 Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" made Adrien Brody the youngest performer ever to achieve that honor. His Academy Award-winning performance also brought more attention to this veteran film actor who up until his win hadn't exactly been a household name.

-Born in Queens, New York on April 14, 1973;
-Mother is "The Village Voice" photographer Sylvia Plachy;
-Began acting at age 12 doing theater in New York;
-Studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the High School for the Performing Arts
-First came to prominence with his starring role in "King of the Hill" for director Steven Soderbergh
-Won the Lucarno International Film Festival's Best Actor award for "Love the Hard Way"
-Won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Wladyslaw Szpilman in "The Pianist."

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