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Gerard Butler Biography

Gerard Butler's Birthday: November 13, 1969

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland

Role That Got Him Noticed: Starring as Dracula in "Dracula 2000"

Gerard Butler Personal Details: 
He's 6'2" and as of November 2004, unmarried.

Other Artistic Talents: 
According to one of his fan sites, Butler was the lead singer in the Scottish rock band, 'Speed.'

Gerard Butler Made His Film Debut In: 
The highly acclaimed "Mrs. Brown," in which he played Billy Connolly・s brother, Archie Brown, alongside Judy Dench. Based on the story of John Brown and Queen Victoria, the film was Oscar nominated in 1998.

Notable Achievements: 
In December 2001, Gerard Butler won the Spirit of Scotland Award for Screen.

Gerard Butler Biography (Courtesy of Warner Bros. and "Phantom of the Opera"): 
November 22, 2004 - Gerard Butler ('The Phantom' in "Phantom of the Opera") was born in Glasgow, the youngest of three children to Margaret and Edward. He spent his first two years in Montreal, where his father worked as an accountant, before moving back to Glasgow. Butler was interested in acting from an early age, and made his stage debut at the age of 12 in "Oliver," at Glasgow・s famous Kings Theatre.

At the age of 12, amidst daydreams that he was living within the fantasy movie "Krull," Butler pursued the idea of becoming a professional actor. He spent the summer at the Scottish Youth Theatre residential course in Livingstone. Despite being noted as an outstanding student, Butler was dissuaded from continuing his theatrical studies by his school career officers. Consequently he trained in law for seven years before moving to London to revive his former dream.

Butler・s first break came via a chance meeting in a London coffee shop with veteran British actor and director Steven Berkoff; Butler pleaded for an audition and managed to land a part in his upcoming play "Coriolanus" at the Mermaid Theatre. Still agent-less, Butler・s next audition in 1996 landed him the lead role of Renton in the acclaimed stage production of "Trainspotting," directed by Harry Gibson, which took him to Scotland to headline at the Edinburgh Festival.

In 1998, Butler took the role of Yasha in the feature version of Chekhov・s "The Cherry Orchard," directed by Michael Cacoyannis. He then turned his hand to comedy with the cult series "A Young Person・s Guide to Becoming a Rock Star" in a hilarious portrayal of rock star Marty Claymore of super group Bonk Bonk Bonk.

Butler then appeared in "Snatch" (on stage), and in the films "Harrison・s Flowers," "Shooters," "Dracula 2000," "Attila the Hun," "Reign of Fire," "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life," and "Timeline."

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