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Cooking With Wolfgang Puck Cookers - We know that Wolfgang Puck is all about cooking.

How to Say No to Charity Requests - Charities rely on donations to continue their work.

Buying Your First Cello Is Not As Difficult As You Think - For those of you not too familiar with what a cello looks like or sounds like, just imagine the sound and image of the violin, and then amplify the size and the sound texture many times over.

iPod Nano Small but powerful - Being small does not make a thing less.

Ukulele Tab Learn To Play Jingle Bells - Many ukulele players use their ukulele for chord playing but you can actually play melodies on this nice little instrument.

Slide Guitar Techniques - Making a slide requires good execution.

Will Dead Sara Wake Up LA Music - Review of three bands playing at LA's "The Knitting Factory" on Saturday, February 3, 2007.

Composition and Reviews on Jazz Music - Composing jazz music is fine as long as you know how to fit in the musical shocks in the piece in a manner to not disrupt the flow.

New Orleans Displaced Linear And Ghost Note Funk History And Development Drummers Guide - New Orleans Funk pattern is the repetitive accent derived from the "3" side of a clave rhythm characteristics of a Second Line groove.

The karaoke microphone a singing symbol - Nothing is likely to symbolize the global phenomenon when it comes to singing more perfectly, more accurately than the well known karaoke microphone.

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