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iPod Nano Small but powerful

Being small does not make a thing less. On the contrary, in this day and age of advance discoveries and technologies, the smaller it is, the better. Everything from cell phones, to cameras, to multimedia players, they are all being scaled down in size. This makes them very portable and easy to carry around. This is the reason why the iPod nano and its predecessor, the iPod mini, have had quite a following. Their performance and quality has shown that it does not matter if they are small, they can still provide the same performance and quality as their bigger brothers.

How Slim is the iPod Nano? The iPod nano only measures for about 3.5" x 1.6" x 0.

27 and weighs 1.5 ounces, it almost seems too little. But with its capabilities, its size only makes the iPod nano more endearing.

It can be able to be stored in a coin pouch of a pair of pants, with area to spare. This was made possible by Apple's move to use a flash-based memory instead of a hard disk. You might think that with its size it would be feeble, fragile and weak. Surprisingly, its not.

It has a sturdy frame that is very durable and fits perfectly in the palm of an adult hand. Its design does not only show elegance but also proper dimensions for a good grip. Available in black or white, the iPod nano is a sight for sore eyes. They look elegant and sophisticated yet so simple.

It is one of the coolest looking gadgets in the market today. Its options in memory are a 2 GB and a 4 GB flash-based memory, great for two thousand to four thousand songs. This can tide you over for quite some time already. Its colored screen can also show some photos and do a slide show while you're listening to your music. It's 1.

5 inch screen maybe small, but they provide highly defined images. Speaking of music, the iPod nano provides a clear, crisp sound, with each acoustic greatly defined. It doesn't matter if you use different types of earphones and headsets, the quality is unmistakable. Using it with high quality speakers only amplifies the performance it provides. You can synchronize your iPod nano with your computer using the software iTunes. From there you can download your music and your photos.

Apple has made it easy for everyone to use this program. This is a definite plus, you can have all the songs you want in the palm of your hand. You eliminate the need to lug around a bunch of CD's and just listen to two or three songs from each of them and have to change CD's again. The power and control is in your hands. Just choose which songs you want to put in your iPod nano then categorize them the way you want.

The iPod nano also is considerably cheaper than the bigger iPods. So if you don't really need 30, 40 or 60 GB memory, the iPod nano would be best for you. There's no sense dishing out an extra hundred dollars for space that you won't even need. Many techies and iPod enthusiasts see a brighter future for the iPod nano. They would soon support bigger memories and have longer battery life.

But until then, the iPod nano is just perfect the way it is now.

S. Stammberger is editor of Hip Hop Freak. Download Rap Beats, Instrumentals, and more.

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