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Technology Meets Art at Versa Products

Versa Products, Inc., the Los Angeles-based furniture manufacturer, recently announced additional upgrades available on its already popular Versa Art Table. Known industry-wide as an innovative leader in computer furniture, Versa sells products all over the world to clients that cover a multitude of industries from educational institutions like universities and secondary schools to office suites to military bases. Although Versa's most popular product is the classic Versatable, available in multiple sizes and colors, Versa's line of art and drafting tables are getting recent attention. The blend of the traditional, tilting art desk and the modern computer desk appears to be just what the doctor, er, um, artist ordered. "With the art industry evolving to incorporate computers into the creation of art and design, how could we ignore that fact and still expect to make a table that clients need?" explains Christopher Stormer, COO at Versa.

"You can make an art table that's high quality, competitively priced, and looks great, but if it doesn't serve every function the user needs, then it's pretty much worthless. Designers, artists, students? they all use computers constantly and it makes no sense to have one desk for drawing and another one to support your computer." The beauty of Versa's art table is that it's completely customizable with the type of customizations one might actually want. Anyone can skip the retailer and order a desk online straight from Versa. Then, choose the accessories you want and forget the ones you don't.

Popular accessories include a height adjustable monitor platform that can be situated on either side of the table (perfect for right- or left-handers), wheel kits, printer platforms, and even CPU holders for those who use PCs. This type of simple customization isn't just confined to the art table and drafting desks Versa offers. Every product Versa manufactures is customizable including classroom tables for computer labs, executive desks, and medical and dental furniture. The customer also has a choice of color options and combinations with every product.

The art table offers 75 degrees of tilt adjustment with its easy, pop-pin adjustment system. The height also adjusts from 24 to 48 inches and the work surface comes in standard 48-inch by 30-inch dimensions. It comes with a full sized storage tray and in six different color combinations. Quantity discounts begin with only three like units, making it even more economical for schools, small businesses, and art departments who can't qualify for quantity discounts the way big guys can.

In addition to the high-end products themselves, Versa is known for excellent customer service and its hassle-free lifetime warranty on all products it sells. Items ship for absolutely free anywhere in the contiguous United States regardless of whether the order is five hundred tables or one keyboard arm. Most items ship from the factor within one to two days as well. If you'd like to know more about the products Versatables offers, including art tables, school desks, dorm room furniture, and space-savers, check out their website or call and request a catalog.

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