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what the education of george washington means to us

Compared to other leaders of his day, the education of George Washington was limited. Unlike his two older half-brothers, he did not go away to England for his education. George Washington learned no other languages and never attended college. He was only about 16 when his education ended. Who taught Washington? Where did he go to school? This is not known for certain. The only tangible evidence we have of the education of George Washington is his school papers.

It is through these papers that we can determine he received a useful education that helped him later on. But according to Washington himself, his education was "defective." Although the education of George Washington was something that was continued throughout his entire life, he was still self-conscious of his formal schooling ending when he was still in his early teens. His favorite learning methods included studying the people he most respected, learning from others, and reading books.

He also took the time to learn from his own experiences. But let's go back to his school papers. Here's what we can conclude about the education of George Washington through these records: 1.

His first school papers are dated from 1741. These papers show that Washington could read, write, and do math when he was 8 or 9. 2. Washington turned in a paper that was a survey of a turnip field owned by his half-brother.

Clearly he learned about surveying in school. How did this skill help him later on? 3. We can see from another one of Washington's papers that he learned geography, knew how to calculate interest in monetary transactions, and could also copy many of the legal forms in use in Virginia in those days. 4.

Even though Washington didn't go to England for schooling, he spent time learning manners. In one of his papers, he copied 110 rules people should follow for good behavior and good manners. These rules were called the "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation." These rules obviously helped him communicate well with people and leaders around him. Even though the education of George Washington was cut by a couple of years, it is obvious that he received a good education. What he learned helped him become a leader for this nation.

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what the education of george washington means to us - Compared to other leaders of his day, the education of George Washington was limited.

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