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Bold Acts of Stylishness

What do bold acts of stylishness mean to you? For me, bold acts of stylishness mean that instead of chasing the latest big look on the runways and style magazines or following the catalogue cookie cutter system, a woman focuses on finding a style that plays up on her individuality and uniqueness and then makes this her uniform. The woman takes steps toward bold acts of stylishness by being a contrarian to style trends and truly only sticking to a personal style that makes her feel fabulous and look unique. The woman has an air about her and you can tell that she feels 150% comfortable in her own skin. So, how does a woman go about creating a uniform that is truly reflective of who she is? Firstly, get to know your body type by taking your measurements.

I recommend that you always consider your body type and whether a certain look is really flattering of your body. For myself, in the past, I figured that if something wasn't flattering, it just meant I was wearing the wrong size. So, I ended up with smaller or larger pants, but still a poor fit. An example would be low-rider, boot-cut jeans.

They're in style, but with my waist, hips, derriere and thighs? Well, they just weren't me. Now I am simply choosing cuts that I know work for my figure. I also experimented with materials to see which ones drape my frame appropriately, place emphasis where the fabric is supposed to and to learned which material to stay away from. Looking at the cut and fabric also reinforced a habit that I had unfortunately abandoned: saving my money for quality clothing purchases. The second step in creating a uniform and continuing your bold acts of stylishness is to know exactly which colors bring out your natural beauty and flatter your body type. You need to add wonderful colors to bring your wardrobe to life.

Enlist a trusted friend's help by getting her opinion on which colors complement your complexion and shape. Then experiment by adding a strong color according to your mood to a neutral color (white, black, gray and earth tones). Wear a bold color top with a neutral color bottom.

If you're wearing a black top and bottom, add a colorful accessory, such as red or turquoise scarf or handbag to break up the monotony. Add boldly colored jewelry to offset monochromatic clothing. Play around with colors of the same family (pink with maroon, turquoise blue with navy blue).

Before you invest a lot of money in clothing, start off with different color accessories and see how they work. Then you can always add a clothing item to your wardrobe after it's been "tested" and works. The third step to your unique style is creating a make-up and hair style look that truly emphasizes your facial features and complements your hair structure. Go to various department make-up store counters, get samples and take advantage of free make-up applications until you find a look that you love and receive compliments on. Then make it work for you! You owe it to yourself to take time to take care of yourself and this includes skin and hair care? Also, many of us women go to our hair stylist with the latest picture of an actress or model, wanting the stylist to recreate the look for you.

A woman, who takes bold acts of stylishness, will listen to her hair stylist. If your stylist tells you that the cut won't work with your hair texture, length or facial structure ? listen! You don't need to have a new hair style every few months to be au courant. Rather ? just find a hairstyle that truly is you and stick with it.

I hope you take bold acts of stylishness. I firmly believe that by being a style trend contrarian and creating your own unique look you will feel a sense of liberation. Here's to creating your own signature style! Copyright (c) 2007 MMC Lifestyles, LLC, dba MMC Style.

Marion Chamberlain is founder of MMC Style ( ), an Internet store for European fashion accessories sourced from unique and highly-talented small design shops in Europe. The online store offers high-quality European fashion jewelry and leather handbags to those women who want to be unique. MMC Style ( ) European fashion accessories are truly unique and can't be found in department or chain stores.

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