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Dating for Men and Women

Taking on many roles, may sometimes leave you with hardly any time for romance at all. Not to worry. With so many dating agencies, and online dating facilities available, it is not hard at all to get the date of your dreams. Since there is nothing like a first date, here are a few tips to ensure you will remember it fondly- 1) Going out with somebody you feel you have something in common with is important. A lot of times, the conversation runs dry because the couple, don't know anything about each other. 2) Make sure you dress nicely.

At the same time, be comfortable with what you are wearing, because any discomfort would show. 3) Remember not to keep him waiting. If your date is for 7:00 pm, be ready well before that. Keeping him waiting is going to give you a bad head start. 4) If you feel that going for a dinner is boring try suggesting an alternative like a movie, but make sure you don't make the guy feel dumb for not having suggested it first.

5) Do not talk about old flames, or any other topic he might find uncomfortable. 6) Use love quotes and romantic quotes in between your conversation. 7) Be natural. Allow yourself to create the desired impression, but remember not to try too hard. This is after all a date, so have fun. 8) If the bill is really enormous, offer to split.

It does not matter if he says no to it, but offering shows your decency. 9) After the date is over, leave a message or make a phone call saying you enjoyed it. Men like to know they have done the right things. It would also be a good time to find out is he is interested in a second date, if he hasn't mentioned anything about it as yet.

Men, by a rule, usually like taking their time, dating as many women as possible, just to understand what they would like in a partner. There's nothing wrong with that, except that you may find your wallet a lot lighter than it was in the start. The rules for dating if you are a man will be slightly different, more so because a woman would expect you to take charge and set the required mood. Here are some tips to help you through your first date- 1) Go out with a person who you feel you can get along with. Dating agencies always have user profiles , which tell you a good deal about somebody's character. Do your bit of reading on the person you are going out with.

That way, there would always be a conversation going on too. 2) Avoid blind dates unless you trust your friend or colleague that much. Usually they end up a disaster. 3) You would most likely have to decide where you are going out for dinner, so go someplace where you are comfortable. 4) Take along some flowers or a bottle of wine.

5) Go well dressed, but do not over dress. Wear what suits you, this is not the time to experiment around with looks or hairstyles. 6) Take time to understand the person without being judgmental.

She may be nervous so it is your duty to put her at ease. 7) Do not forget your manners. Opening a door, pulling a chair never go out of fashion. 8) You are the guy, so don't think twice about paying the bill, unless she insists on splitting.

9) Don't over do the conversation. Be yourself. 10) Its nice to give a call back so that the other person knows if you are interested in a second date or not.

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